WhatsApp MarketingWhatsApp Marketing

Facebook bought WhatsApp for $19 billion from this one can imagine its importance. Whatsapp can now also be used as a platform to market your brand or business and convey your messages. Itech Advertising can help you reach unlimited number of prospect customers instantly. By utilizing the advanced features of WhatsApp Messenger, promotional messages can be sent in the form of a visual Ad, brief brochure, audio or video.

What We Can Offer With WhatsApp Marketing

  1.  We can run your Ad campaign via Whatsapp to unlimited contacts in a very short time period.
  2.  We can deliver your messages to the target audiences much faster than the other usual messages.
  3. We can share your rich & multimedia content like pictures, brochures, audio and videos.
  4. We can help you become globally accessible by tapping choice global markets.
  5. We can optimally utilize the features of WhatsApp to make a promotional campaign more interesting, persuasive, attractive and fruit bearing.
  6. We can send HTML links to specific landing pages of your brand or business.
  7. We can share mapped location of your business.
  8. We can share Business Card (contact information) of your business.
  9. We can set your brand’s pictures or logo as display picture of the campaign.

WhatsApp Marketing System allows you to send out bulk WhatsApp messages all over the world to millions of users who use WhatsApp. Interestingly WhatsApp Messenger communication is independent from telecommunication authorities and works over the Internet, WI-FI or data plan.